Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Boy Crib

Earlier this week, Roscoe had a big development: he's now in a big boy crib!

He stayed in the incubator for a while because he wasn't able to maintain his body heat using just clothing, so they needed the overhead heater that the incubator provided (even though the lid hadn't been closed for over a month). This past Sunday, Roscoe's favorite nurse (Jess) pushed to get him moved into a big boy crib so that he can start enjoying the luxuries of being a normal newborn (even though he's almost 3.5 months old).

His crib has his colorful mobile (which also plays music), his original nametag, and then a custom-made name banner by his aunt Tifany. The nurses who liked scrapbooking were admiring the little details:

He's one step closer to home!

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  1. Glad to see Roscoe moving on up! Thanks for the blog - great to watch his progression!