Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daily Routine

Roscoe has been staying steady, which is a great relief and a small disappointment. It is a relief because Alisha and I no longer have to wonder whether he's going to have a new infection, require a new machine support, or have regressed to some other worse condition. It is a small disappointment because we'd love to see him making leaps and bounds each day. When we start thinking about the let down of not getting to take him home with us for at least another month, it helps give us encouragement to think that right now we could be mourning the loss of a son 3 months ago, but instead we get to see him every day as much as we want.

The typical routine is that when we arrive and do his cares (change diaper, take temperature) he is fussy because he knows that food is coming soon. He looks like this:

Then we hold him for about an hour, as he calms down and gets sleepy from all of the food that runs into his belly. Once we put him back, he looks like this:

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