Monday, May 12, 2014

Prayer Map

Since the whole story with Roscoe began, many people have told us that they've prayed for Roscoe. In fact, many told us that they've spread Roscoe's story to their co-workers, neighbors, and church family and those people have started praying. Every once in a while we'll even get a note or comment from someone we don't know who has been praying for Roscoe even though they have never met us.

A while ago, I thought of the idea of creating a map to see everyone who has prayed (or is praying) for Roscoe. After all, everyone knows some of the people praying for Roscoe, but only God knows all of the people praying for Roscoe. Hopefully this will let us get a little more of God's view.

If you have uttered even a single prayer for Roscoe, please add yourself to the map. If you know someone who is praying but doesn't have internet access, take the liberty of adding them as well. Check Roscoe's Prayer Map once in a while and hopefully you'll see his list of prayer warriors growing.

Here's how to add yourself:
  1. Click on the map below. It will open Roscoe's Prayer Map.

  2. In the window that opens, click "Add Marker - Simple" under "Additions"

  3. Enter your name and location. You don't need to enter your full address (but you can). Just get it into the general area. Feel free to choose your marker color or add extra comments, if you like. Click Submit when you are finished.

After you click Submit, it will display a link on the screen. If you misplace the marker or need to correct your information, you'll need the link to change it:

Thank you for praying!


  1. This is cool! Can't wait to see it all fill up!

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