Friday, January 3, 2014

Changing the breathing mask

Several times each day, the nurses change Roscoe's breathing mask to avoid any agitation on his skin. Usually they rotate babies between a face mask and nose prongs, but Roscoe absolutely hates the nose prongs. Several nurses have tried using the prongs on him and they all remarked something like "most babies don't like the prongs, but he REALLY doesn't like them". I am hoping that Roscoe's visible frustration isn't an indication that he inherited his dad's temper. Now they just change Roscoe between a larger face mask and smaller face mask.

Alisha and I like being there when the face mask gets changed, because for 5-10 seconds we get to see our son's face without being blocked by the face mask and large air tube. Some nurses call the large air tube a "rhino horn" because it comes out of the front of his face like a rhinoceros!

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