Thursday, January 23, 2014

In the Dog House

One of the things everyone does on the way to becoming a parent is to prepare the house for when the baby comes home. For us, that process is a little more drawn out, like someone hit pause and is watching our trip home from the hospital in extreme slow motion.

A potential conflict we've tried to avoid is the contamination of the baby's room with dog hair. We have a dog that we got as a rescue puppy back in November of 2010. When we got our dog, she looked like this:

Puppies grow into big dogs, so now she's a little larger and furrier. Her fur builds up on the wood floor around her, and then travels all over the downstairs. Alisha planned to always keep Roscoe upstairs and Harper (our dog) downstairs.

To keep the fur more contained, I started working on building her an indoor dog house. I looked up some ideas on the internet, estimated the cost of materials, and measured her while she laid down and stood up to make sure the house would fit. Then I built the floor and frame.

I covered the dog house in cedar fence pickets, so it would smell nice. I like the wood grain / natural look, but I'm pretty sure that the boss (Alisha) has other plans. She said that with our wood floors and neutral colored couches, there is too much similar color to have the dog house stay this color. I think she plans to paint it white and blue, but we'll see what she comes up with!

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  1. This great dog house will be a good place for Harper to hide when Roscoe is chasing her!