Monday, January 27, 2014

Little Jailbird

This is a video we took on Saturday of Alisha holding Roscoe on her lap. With the horizontal grey and white stripes, he looks like a little jailbird trying to make an escape!

Yesterday the doctors discovered traces of blood in Roscoe's stomach, so they switched him from formula to non-dairy milk and his digestion was much better today. I don't know if I put it onto the blog yet, but about 3 weeks ago they put Alisha on a dairy-free diet in case Roscoe was allergic to dairy. We thought that was really strange since she drinks milk every morning and eats her fair share of cheese, and he hasn't exhibited a problem until recently. Just to be safe she is staying off of dairy. Alisha drinks coconut milk with coffee/tea now, and she got some non-dairy cheese that might work when she gets cravings for mexican food.

The doctors suggested that the digestion issues Roscoe has had recently may be caused by pyloric stenosis. "Pyloric stenosis" means that the muscle which controls the exit from his stomach (and entrance to his intestines) is overly tight, so it isn't letting things through at a normal rate. If he does have pyloric stenosis, then they'd need to repair it surgically (most likely at the same time as his hypospadias).

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