Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Essential Manly Activities

Roscoe is becoming more of a man each day. The past few days he's taken his first steps with two essential manly activities: eating and burping.

To feed Roscoe from the bottle, we hold Roscoe on his side so that milk doesn't fall into the back of his throat and choke him (try drinking a glass of water lying down and you'll experience it). While we shot this video below with Alisha holding him, Roscoe was in the process of setting his own personal record of eating 36mL of formula through a bottle (leaving only 6mL through his feeding tube).

At parts throughout the feeding, he'll slow down or start to pull back from the bottle. Those motions are a good indicator that he's got some air built up in his stomach that needs to come out. This shows Alisha propping Roscoe up and burping him. She has to hold his chin up so that the weight of his head doesn't touch his chin to his chest (making it hard to breathe). The whole time he's getting burped, he has a look on his face like he just saw the ending of "The Sixth Sense" or witnessed a double-rainbow.

Improvements like these are great for us to see and be a part of. Looking back it wasn't so long ago that each week we showed up to see Roscoe and didn't know what problem would show up next. God has provided great healing in this little boy (with still more healing to come). At his last measurement, Roscoe was 4lb 15oz, so hopefully he'll hit the 5lb mark in the next day or two! God has now grown Roscoe to over 4X his birth weight.

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