Friday, January 31, 2014

Roscoe at UCSF

Roscoe is in the Children's Cardiac ICU at UCSF, so he's not in with a bunch of preemies like he was at the Roseville NICU. We noticed that some of the equipment is a little different. At UCSF they are alternating Roscoe between this mask:

and this nasal cannula:
By alternating between the two, it keeps the skin around his nose from getting too agitated or breaking down.

They also gave him a pacifier with a monkey attached to it, which is fun.
When the pacifier is laying on him, it looks like our baby got tackled by an equally small monkey, and to get even Roscoe is trying to suck out the monkey's brains. Before you get grossed out by that description, remember that it is an acceptable practice in some cultures (REFERENCE NEEDED).

On the trip to the hospital, Alisha snapped a few pictures of things we passed as we traveled through San Francisco. When things weren't super tense waiting on test results to see if Roscoe would be okay, we actually had a nice visit thanks to the free parking and good weather that God provided (in addition to Roscoe's healing):

Alisha enjoyed these pink-blossomed trees which were nearby the hospital

We passed through the Castro district on our way to UC SF each day

On Thursday the skies were clear so we got to see all of San Francisco that's usually shrouded in fog

Before you get to thinking "Wow, that would be such a nice place to live ... I should move there" I snapped this picture of a FOR RENT sign for an apartment that we walked past on our way to UCSF. If you can't read the sign details it says "2-3 bedrooms, $3900/month".

Lastly, UC SF gave us the paperwork for a disabled placard for Roscoe:
Their logic was that if it is cold or rainy outside, Roscoe will be susceptible to illness and so he'd need to be kept out of the elements. The main benefit we'll use it for is parking nearby UCSF without having to move the car every 2 hours.

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