Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Digestion Issues

Yesterday the doctors ran a test on Roscoe's diaper "contents" and discovered blood, which indicates a digestive tract problem. The doctors told Alisha to avoid all forms of milk products over the next 7 days so that they can determine if Roscoe is lactose intolerant. They won't feed Roscoe milk for a few days (just formula) and then they'll gradually re-introduce milk once the lactose is out of Alisha's system.

We are praying that it was just a cut or other small issue, not a big problem that would cause more complications. The doctors also said that Roscoe isn't gaining weight as fast as they want him to, even with him being on a higher-calorie formula. Roscoe is gaining weight at a normal rate, but they want him to exceed the normal rate so that he can eventually catch up to the weight he would have been with normal development. He is digesting all of the food they're giving him, so chances are that he's burning too many calories (being fussy, generating heat) to put on the weight they want him to gain.

While Roscoe was being fed we got this close-up picture of his growing eyelashes!

Here is a video of Roscoe feeding from a bottle while being held by the nurse, while both Alisha and I watched:

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