Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cooing and Smiling

Roscoe has been getting much more active lately. As you saw in a previous post, we took a piece of paper and rotated it around to stimulate Roscoe's mind. We uploaded another video of that encounter below. In this one, Roscoe starts cooing at us (and the paper) and flashes his smile!
We are excited to hear what his little voice starts sounding like, so that soon we can lovingly tell him in a few years to "stop talking for just a minute so mommy and daddy can regain their sanity".


  1. Totally adorable~ Thank you both for sharing your precious captured moments with Roscoe with all of us!~ his loving audience of praying friends!

  2. It is so sweet to hear his voice!
    Love you, Roscoe!