Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Roscoe sightings at the Mall

Alisha recently saw Roscoe twice at the mall. The first time, he was at Crate & Barrel. They have a new line of dishes that are apparently named "Roscoe":

The second time, she saw him in a hallway. Walking down the hall, Alisha saw this: 

Then moving in closer, she found a tile that Molly (my cousin) had painted for Roscoe. The day that Roscoe was born, Molly had a tile location reserved at the Galleria Mall. It was a tile that she could paint anything on that would show support for the mall rebuilding effort. If you recall, Roscoe wasn't born as "Roscoe", so that's why the tile footprint is pink and not blue. At the time he was born we hadn't published the name, so Molly didn't have the name "Dottie" to put on the tile:

It's fun to think about all of the people who walk by this tile each day and don't know the story that lies behind it. I wonder how many other stories out there we walk past without realizing their depth, whether they are tiles on a wall or faces in a crowd ...

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  1. That's cool that they named dishes after him! ;o)

    And I love the tile, Molly! (MY cousin.)