Monday, March 17, 2014

Roscoe reads a book

Roscoe responds very well to our voices and all of the nurses have commented that he appears to be very social. His eyes widen up and he'll stop what he's doing when we talk to him (or around him). Late this past week we showed him a book and started reading it to him. 
We are hoping that soon he'll connect the audible words he's hearing with the visuals he is seeing. I'm not implying that soon he'll be able to read, but rather than he'll start making the connection that there's a correlation between the sound being processed by his ears and the colors and page-turning being processed by his eyes. Previously I never considered that a baby would have to learn that when they see a mouth moving and they hear words, that the moving mouth was the source of the sound and that the two were related.

And here's a picture of Alisha reading Roscoe a book this morning:

The book is called "Little Lion Shares":

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