Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hernia Surgery Today

Today, Roscoe will have his hernia surgery which will be his final major step before coming home. I previously mentioned that Roscoe needed weight gain and this surgery to occur before coming home. Yesterday his weight hit 7lbs 3.2oz and he ate a new record 145mL, so his weight gain issues seem to be resolving as well.

For his procedure today, the surgeon will be putting a scope with a camera on it through Roscoe's belly button to look around his groin where the hernia is. The surgeon will also make two small incisions near Roscoe's hip joints, to allow for surgical instruments to be inserted and used. He didn't say what instruments they will be, but at least we know Roscoe's surgery will not be acappella (a little humor never hurts).

There are two methods of doing the surgery: one of which is the method that's been done since the mid-1900's and another that's come up in the past decade. He said the more recent type is more effective on preemies (and former preemies like Roscoe), but that it only works in certain cases. They won't know until they get "in" whether they'll go with the new-fangled surgery or the traditional surgery. In either case, they are confident that they will be able to fix his hernia.

Please hold our little man in prayer today during the surgery, which is tentatively scheduled for 1:45pm. Pray that God steadies the hands of the surgeons, that he keeps Roscoe comforted in the hours leading up to surgery where he'll be unable to eat, and that he keeps Roscoe's lungs and heart steady during the surgery (so that his pulmonary hypertension doesn't cause complications).

I'll leave you with an unrelated video we took a few days ago when he hit the 7lb mark:


  1. I know I shouldn't laugh but he just makes me smile when I watch any video of him. Even when he's a little frustrated!

  2. He's so sweet!
    Love you, Roscoe!