Monday, March 31, 2014

I AM Serious, but don't call me Shirley

This might possibly be the worst April Fools' Day joke ever.

Today around 2:00pm Alisha and I found out that Roscoe will not be able to come home with us tomorrow, due to a paperwork error. Apparently the medicine (Bosentan) that Roscoe is taking is so new that the cardiologists at Kaiser were unfamiliar with administering it to outpatients. UCSF has been controlling Roscoe's treatments through Kaiser, with Kaiser being the administrator of the treatments. When Kaiser called today to inform UCSF that Roscoe was heading home tomorrow, UCSF responded and said that a special license is required to get the drug delivered to anyone who is not a hospital resident. The bad news: that license process typically takes 3 weeks.

Roscoe can't go home until the outpatient pharmacy can dispense the medication, either directly or by shipping it to our home. We've been told that Kaiser asked for "priority" in the licensing process, but I don't know how much that "priority" checkbox can grease the wheels of bureaucracy. Until then, Roscoe will be stuck at Kaiser in Roseville.

For those who know my past, I want to be clear that this is not a joke. For those who know me well, I also want to be clear that I was very cordial to the doctor and cardiologist I've spoken to about this :). I was straightforward in asking who made the mistake (it was a combination of Kaiser and UCSF), but there was no yelling, name-calling, or other harsh statements. We are understandably frustrated, but that frustration won't cause things to be resolved any faster if it's vented out uncontrollably.

Please continue to pray for Roscoe. God must have something special in mind for this kid.


  1. I love you, Shaun. Thank you for showing Jesus.

  2. I am so bummed to hear this...but trusting that God is in control.
    Love you three!