Friday, March 28, 2014

Homecoming Date

The doctors spoke with Alisha yesterday about the plans for Roscoe coming home. The doctor said that barring any problems which might arise, we will be bringing Roscoe home this coming Tuesday.

Alisha and I will spend the night at the hospital in a room on the ICU floor by ourselves with Roscoe. There won't be any nurses or doctors coming by. The point of spending the night is so that it's a graceful transition for us from the hospital to our home, and so that if any unexpected things happen with Roscoe they can be properly handled (or we can ask how to handle them).

We've been told to expect a very rough night because not only will we be dealing with a baby overnight for the first time, but also a nurse told us that the bedding and sheets are not the most comfortable. At this point Alisha and I are just happy to have a date and are ready to get Roscoe home!