Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New PICC line inserted

Alisha told me that Roscoe went into the operating room at around 2:30pm today. He was wide awake earlier in the day, but then sleepy closer to his surgery time:

For those who come to the blog for all of the gritty details, here's a picture of Roscoe's PICC line insertion point:
As you may remember, the PICC line is a central IV that is long-term and runs through a major vein right up to his heart. Alisha had one (here) and Roscoe has had one previously (here and at UCSF). This one was a little different, because instead of inserting the line into his arm or leg, they put it into his head. Yes, that's right, his HEAD.

(... I will pause for a few seconds to give blog readers a chance to shake off the heebie-jeebies or recover from fainting ...)

They didn't do anything drastic or drill a hole. In fact they use a vein located near his head (outside his skull) because it's the shortest path to his heart and the easiest line to tap. Additionally, since the line is in his head they won't have to worry about his now-fidgety arms and legs moving around and causing problems with it. They also inserted a normal IV (not sure why) which is why there are so many termination points in the picture above. Pleasant dreams!

I'll update the blog later tonight or early tomorrow with the results of Roscoe's surgery. Tonight Alisha and I will be taking an infant CPR class in preparation for Roscoe's homecoming.

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  1. Yikes! Poor kid! That looks awful.
    We're still praying...any new updates?
    Love you three!