Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hernia Surgery Scheduled for March 25th

Roscoe has been fairly stable recently. His hernia surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday (March 25th). Depending on how he recovers from that surgery, he will tentatively come home a week or two later! Since they'll need to sedate Roscoe for the surgery and put in a breathing tube, sometimes babies have a setback in terms of their breathing. For example, before his pyloric stenosis surgery he was at 21-23% oxygen and afterwards he was around 30%.

We will be praying very hard that he recovers nicely so that he's able to come home and rest. His room right now is shared with up to 5 other babies, their visitors, and 3+ nurses. That leads to lots of noise through the night and lights on. Once he gets home, we're hoping he'll relax and grow better with his own room, constant attention from his mom and dad, and with quiet time when he's sleeping.

Here's a video of our little guy having a blast in his swing:

Yesterday, Roscoe weighed 6lb 15oz so we are hoping that today's weigh-in shows him hitting the 7lb mark!

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  1. He's either looking at the clock to see how many more hours until he gets to go home, or looking at the window to see how he can break out of this joint and see real daylight and the real world!!!