Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fat and Happy

Roscoe had a big weight gain, so he's now up to 6lb 7oz. His breathing has also gotten much better, where yesterday he stayed at 25% oxygen all day. Alisha and I were concerned that even though his breathing is doing better, his blood test might show too much CO2 ... but the results from a test yesterday showed that his numbers got much better there as well. It looks like Roscoe being able to eat his food and rest comfortably is yielding benefits in his health!
Without jinxing ourselves, we're hoping that this is Roscoe making the final turns on his journey home. He still has to get down to 21% and the pressure of that air needs to be lowered (slowly) from 5 to 1 (liters per hour), so we've still got some time before this little guy comes home.

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