Saturday, February 1, 2014

Starship Enterprise

These pictures show the operating room (catheter lab) where Roscoe's procedure was done to measure the pressure in the vessel between his left lung and his heart. To measure the pressure they inserted a line into his inner thigh and threaded it all the way up through his major veins and into the vessel near his heart.

Everything was white and glossy, so it looked like the set of a space movie. The big circular thing in the middle is the bed where Roscoe laid, and I'm assuming they used the array of monitors (on the left) to watch their progress.

Alisha snapped this picture of Roscoe on the operating table while I held in his pacifier. The room was pretty full, since I think they had 3-4 doctors involved and 3 or more nurses to assist. Below is a picture of Roscoe on his air bed while some of the nurses got him prepped:

We left the room shortly after this and they invited us in to see Roscoe about 5 hours later after he'd been transferred downstairs and stabilized. Lots of prayers from all over the country happened that day, and we can see the evidence of God's answers in what happened in this room after we left. Roscoe is firmly in God's hands.


  1. I love all the amazing hands in the same photo working together for Roscoe. Just think about all the hours of study, the level of desire, the supplied money, the energy & experience that are all involved in the skills of each set of hands helping our boy! God provides!

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