Monday, February 10, 2014

Bath Time #2

This past Saturday, Alisha and I were able to give Roscoe his second bath. He has had other ones, but we just hadn't been there for them. You'll notice in the videos that he has a makeshift protector around his left arm, because that's the arm with the PICC (IV) line in it. To keep water out of the PICC dressing (no, it's not ranch or honey mustard) we wrapped a diaper around his arm, then closed it in a plastic bag, and taped the end to make a seal.

When we start doing something with him, sometimes he gives his "I'm unsure" grunts and whines like this:

Then before he realizes that he's getting a bath and getting his headgear off, he whines. Once the headgear is off, he likes it.

Then for the bath time you can see he is very intrigued at the new sensations and experiences, so he's engaged the whole time. Unfortunately bath time is short because he starts getting cold. We ran out of "tape" (ie: SD card space) so this bath video got cut short.

Please pray that the results of his heart/lung echo will look good enough to the doctors that they'll feel confident in doing surgery to correct his pyloric stenosis (stomach tightening).

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  1. He's so sweet!
    It's cute how much you can tell that he enjoys his bath.
    Love you three!