Monday, February 24, 2014

Eating & Bostentan

Roscoe has been eating more volume lately, although most of it is still delivered through the feeding tube. On average he'll eat 20mL from a bottle and then the remainder of his 75mL feeding through the tube. Alisha and I think he might just be lazy!

On Saturday we were there during the time when the nurse administers Roscoe's bosentan/tracleer, which is the medication that UCSF approved to treat his hypertension. I think it's ironic that the nurse has to put on a splash shield and mouth protector when injecting a substance into a little baby's mouth.

Today Alisha said that Roscoe measured 6lb 5.2oz, so he had a small amount of growth. Our main areas of prayer are for him to grow and for his breathing to improve. His breathing is the major holdup for him being able to come home, because he's still got to get down to 21% oxygen and transfer to another machine (nasal cannula/vapotherm) before his mandatory 7-day pre-release stability period. We're now thinking it will be at least another month until he comes home (due to lung progress) so we are probably looking at April.


  1. What a sweet baby! I love being able to see his face in these pics =)
    Our prayers continue to be with you 3 <3

  2. We're still praying! Love you three!