Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jumping Jacks

Here's a little video of an exercise that Alisha does with Roscoe. She holds him steady upright and lets him bounce, using his own leg strength. His core strength is where he'll be weakest (as most preemies are) but his legs are pretty strong for his size. If a nurse is new, they're often surprised at his strength because they're not used to a 6lb baby having developed his muscles outside the womb for almost 5 months.


  1. That's so awesome. Again, thank you guys for letting us share a little bit of Roscoe. Love you three!

  2. Shaun, you used to LOVE jumping in your Johnny Jump-up!!! I love this video!!!

  3. Way to go, little body builder!
    Jump! Jump!

    1. PS - Yes, that last part was a Kris Kross reference.