Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surgery Results

Roscoe's stomach surgery yesterday went very well. They called him to the operating room at 3pm but he didn't get in until 5pm because the prior patient had trouble waking up. The surgeon and anesthesiologist (whew, I spelled it) were very concerned about complications that could arise from his pulmonary hypertension. Thankfully, due to the powerful prayers being offered for him, everything went great. The surgeon said that his oxygen dropped near the start of the surgery, but that it was due to a mechanical problem (they didn't get the ventilator tube in the right place) rather than anything caused by his pulmonary hypertension.

As a bonus, not only is Roscoe safe but he has minimal external scarring. The surgeon was able to perform a minimally invasive (lathroscopic) surgery. The only external scars can be seen in the pictures below. They are three taped "X" marks around his belly button. One was for the camera and the others were used for clamps and cutting instruments.

While it is very impressive that he could come out of surgery with such minimal external evidence, think of how amazing it was that Jesus healed people he'd just met without a sterile operating room and without any cutting or recovery time.

After the surgery, Roscoe was drowsy but started eating. Here he is eating 10mL of pedialyte about an hour after the surgery. His feedings will get stepped up gradually until he's eating full amounts within a few days.