Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holding Roscoe

Roscoe's surgery is still planned for today and will happen within a few hours. I'll update the blog when we have the results.

In the meantime, here are some videos of Alisha and I holding Roscoe. Thankfully God gave Alisha a flexible job where she's able to take time off to spend with Roscoe to help his development. She now spends about 6-7 hours a day with him at the hospital, which isn't an easy thing because of all the alerts going off and the discomfort of not being in your own home. To kick it off, she's not allowed to eat in the room with him (but I have helped her sneak a cracker or two).

When he gets fussy, there's lots of this going on:

And here's Roscoe when he's held by his dad. The light was lower when we shot this video, so it's a little grainy:


  1. Those videos of him sleeping are so sweet...especially the one of Alisha rocking him - he looks so cozy!

    Is that water noise in the background the oxygen machine?

    1. Yeah, the water noise is bubbles of air coming up through the oxygen machine which they call a "bubble CPAP". They use a tube inserted into the water to set the pressure of air that gets pushed into his nose. The bubbling sound puts me to sleep when I'm holding him after work.