Sunday, February 2, 2014

More of Roscoe in the big city

We shot the videos below after Roscoe's procedure. Since UCSF took out his feeding tube for the procedure, we got a clear look at his mouth and chin without any obstructions.

And here's our little man squirming around and then striking a pose for the camera:

We also wanted to include a panoramic video that we shot from the UCSF balcony across the street. There isn't much of a view from Roscoe's room (unless you like looking at other patients' rooms and imagining your own little version of The Sims). However, the UCSF medical center is at the top of a big hill, so you get a great view of most of the city when there aren't buildings in the way. The video is pointing north from the UCSF medical center, and starts at where the bay feeds into the Pacific Ocean, then passes by the golden gate bridge, then some cool looking church, and finally the big buildings in San Francisco.

We are excited for Roscoe to come "home" (to Kaiser Roseville) tomorrow!

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