Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Safe & Sound

Roscoe successfully made it back from UCSF yesterday and arrived at Kaiser Roseville in late afternoon. A funny coincidence was that he arrived a few hours after Trevor and Sara Nelson's baby. The difference was that the other baby (Rendi Nelson) arrived by birth, but Roscoe arrived in an ambulance. As you can see in the picture below, he brought his monkey pacifier back with him from UCSF:
Now Roscoe is safe & sound back in Roseville where we can visit him each day. Alisha already went to see him today and he's made great progress. His oxygen requirement is down to the 21-23% range (when it was 25-30% before he left) and he tips the scales at 5lb 8.5oz.

When we were down at UCSF on Saturday, they had a gratitude tree where kids and parents would put up what they were thankful for.

 Here's what Alisha and I both wrote:
Looking back at what has happened, there are many times where God could have left Roscoe in need or not provided healing and the outcome wouldn't have been what we are blessed with now. If we had our choice, we wouldn't have chosen this path, but now that we're on it we can appreciate the blessings that God has flown our way.


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  2. Ecclesiastics 11:5

    I love all 3 of you!!! Sometimes we don't understand how God works, but we know he does. He gives such great gifts to his children.
    I'm so thankful for HIS gift to all of us in Roscoe!!! You and Aludha gave encouraged me in your faith to God in all things!!