Monday, February 3, 2014

Returning to Kaiser Roseville

Today they transfer Roscoe from UCSF back to Kaiser Roseville around 1-2pm. We wanted to share some videos of Roscoe's journey to UCSF last Tuesday to show what he's probably going through today. Roscoe's vacation to San Francisco was very similar to a vacation that you might take. First he made sure to get plenty of rest before the trip:

Then he made sure his bags were packed. The box he's in is a mobile version of the machinery he was hooked up to in the NICU:

Then he got all of the kids into the car. He rode with 1 doctor, 1 respiratory tech, 2 nurses, 2 ambulance personnel. Notice how he waved goodbye to Alisha to say "Don't worry mommy, I'll be just fine":

Then he drove off to his destination (100+ miles away). I will have to ask him later how many times he had to answer the nurses when they said "Are we there yet?":

PS: For a fun side-note, did you know that wild parrots live in San Francisco? Alisha and I got lunch at the Ferry Building on Saturday, and walked up on what we thought was a large flock of pigeons. When we got closer, we saw over 100 wild parrots in a cluster of trees! Apparently they migrate around the city and we were lucky enough to catch them while we were out. Here are some pictures that show parrots like the ones we saw. Apparently there was a 2003 documentary made about them called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Who knew?

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