Monday, September 23, 2013


On Saturday, the nurses put a PICC line into Alisha's arm. It is essentially a long-term IV that will prevent them from having to find a new vein to tap into every 4 days. The line runs a tube through a vein in Alisha's arm all the way to her heart. It allows them to draw blood and give her fluids (if needed). The sterilization solution they used agitated her arm for the past two days, so it gives her skin some discomfort, but that's the only problem she's had with it since they put it in.

They also gave her a breathing device to play with, to keep her lungs healthy. Since she is inactive, they said they want her to keep breathing deeply to prevent problems with her lungs. The indicator on the left measures the velocity of air she's breathing in, and the indicator on the right measures the total volume of air she's breathed in a single breath. They told her that she has to breathe in slowly enough to keep the indicator on the left at "BEST" (slow) while making sure that the indicator on the right measures at 1500 or higher:

I tried it too. It's a fun game!

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