Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby Hiccups

On Friday, Alisha heard extra bumps on the monitor (no, not twins). She whipped out her phone and captured it from the bed where she was laying. The bumps you hear are not a heartbeat, they're the baby having hiccups! Turn up the sound, they are faint:

On Saturday morning at around 3am, the monitors detected Alisha having a contraction every 3 minutes (previously there was 1-2 per hour). The doctor did a quick ultrasound check to make sure the baby had enough fluid, then put Alisha onto a stronger contraction medication. The contractions reduced within an hour and were almost back to normal this morning.

The great news that came out of her losing sleep and being probed was that the doctors looked at the baby's heartbeat and said it had improved from "minimal" to "moderate". We are hoping this means that the baby is getting enough nutrients and is maturing, but we won't know until we get the growth measurements from the full ultrasound next Tuesday (10/1). Keep praying, God is listening!

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