Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Dip

Yesterday was a rough day.

If you ever wondered what a baby's heartbeat looks like when you stop praying for her, it looks like this:

Notice the large dip in her heartbeat halfway through the lower line with a blue background. Luckily a nurse was standing near Alisha talking to her about some small drops they'd seen recently, when this one happened. The nurse told the doctors and the doctors were concerned. They put Alisha on oxygen to get more to the baby and were much more strict about her monitoring through the rest of the day. Thankfully, no other large drops like this were seen. They suspected that this was a fluke where the baby pinched her own umbilical cord and cut off her blood/oxygen supply.

The doctor came and spoke to Alisha yesterday and said that they're going to push the baby as far as they can before delivering her. They plan to deliver her at the point when conditions inside the womb are worse than conditions outside the womb. Until that point, we want her to grow as much as possible (with God, all things are possible) to prepare her for entry into the world. Please keep praying for GROWTH and a steady heartbeat!

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