Monday, September 30, 2013

Rough Times

Our daughter has mostly been doing well. Aside from the baby having a few scattered (but significant) drops in heart rate, the baby looks to be improving and maturing. Our doctor this morning said he was guessing 480g for the ultrasound tomorrrow. He said that now it's up to the baby when

Alisha has been going through rough times the past few days. It seems like each new day brings a new difficulty for her. A few nights ago contractions came back so they increased her medication and gave her a physical exam, which ended up causing some topical bleeding (and a scare). The PICC line that was put in over a week ago has started giving her a very bad rash, so bad that last night she couldn't sleep. They brought a doctor in last night at 11 to examine the rash because it was spreading. On top of that, each time the baby's heartbeat takes a significant dip it causes Alisha stress.

If you have a chance to come and visit her, please do so even if you can only stay a short while or if you don't sign up on the visitor list. She said that visitors have really helped the time pass more quickly. Alisha has plenty of projects to work on thanks to Rachelle, Sherre, Lana, and Sharon, so she won't need any more things to keep her hands busy. Right now she and the baby just need prayers for healing, relief, and GROWTH.

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