Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We've been trying to personalize Alisha's room to make it feel a little more like home. As you may have noticed in a previous post, we added a small disco ball. The picture below shows how it lights up the room with sparkles when the sun hits it just before sunset. We also added a banner that Alisha made last Valentine's day with felt cutouts in the shape of hearts (and no, I won't make a joke about it being "heart-felt"). Since the angled bar is metal, we used magnets to attach all the stuff to it. One nurse said she's never see anyone use magnets to attach stuff there before!

Alisha also got a drawing from Lucy Rowley that we hung up on her bathroom door where she can see it. It says "I love you" across the top, with Lucy, Baby, Shaun, and Alisha across the bottom. For some reason Lucy considers herself to be a square in a world full of round-shaped people. Perhaps that means she's destined for greatness. It also looks like she threw in a diaper just below the baby. What Alisha likes most about her drawing is how our arms come directly out of ourheads, because it is so fun and whimsical looking.

That's all for now. The baby had a stable day yesterday with no big problems or worries, so it was a little easier to handle than Monday. This morning the doctor told Alisha that we're trying for "more of the same" today, so keep praying and keep thanking God for how far he's brought us up until now.

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