Friday, September 20, 2013

View of the Nest

I thought I'd show some pictures of the nest (Alisha's room) so if you haven't been able to visit you'll have a mental picture of where she'll be for a while (hopefully). This is Alisha in bed this morning eating her breakfast:

The orange tubes connect to pressurized wraps on her calves, to keep them moving even though she's laying still. The bed is an air bed and controlled by the box at her feet with the screen on it. Whenever she moves, the bed will adjust air pressure in different compartments to reduce pressure points. During breakfast this morning, she decided to entertain herself with The Devil Wears Prada (her view):

Below is the view she has out the window next to her bed. She was blessed with a window that looks out on a courtyard, so that hopefully while she stays there she can watch the leaves change colors as fall arrives. It's a couch where visitors can sit and where I sleep when I stay there overnight:

Can you spot the little bit of decor that we brought from home?

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  1. Disco ball! Every hospital room should have one. Love you both, and we're praying for you always! <3