Monday, September 23, 2013

Visitors Wanted

Alisha is almost to the 1-week mark with her hospital stay (she arrived on 9/17 at ~7am). I am able to be with her at night and on weekends, but she would really appreciate other company during the day. I don't know if the visitor schedule is too overwhelming, but please just drop by if you have the time to visit with her.

She also is getting tired of hospital dinners, as there's only so much bland, microwaved chicken, pork, and turkey that a girl can take. If you'd like to bring her dinner and visit with her then she'd love that. If you plan to eat with her or bring her dinner, then write a note on the visitor schedule just to let others know. If the visitor schedule is too complicated, then just text/call Alisha to see which day works best.

Thank you for helping me take care of her in this important time! :)

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