Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monitoring the Baby

Here's a little more about how Alisha and the baby are being monitored. There are two sensors connected to Alisha's belly; one tracks the baby's heartbeat and the other tracks Alisha's contractions. The data is constantly printed by this monitoring machine:

The red number is the baby's heartbeat (163 beats/minute) and the blue number is Alisha's contraction level. The sensors are on her 24-hours a day. The only time the monitoring stops is when Alisha gets out of bed (restroom) or when the baby moves. If the baby moves off the monitoring for more than a minute or so, the nurse will come in to adjust the sensor until it detects her again. This screen shows the monitored data over time. The top is the baby's heartbeat, which they want to stay high and vary slightly in rate. The bottom is Alisha's contractions:

Here is a video where you can hear the baby's heartbeat getting tracked (turn up the sound) and see where the machines are in relation to Alisha:

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