Friday, September 20, 2013

Changed Contraction-Prevention Medication

Late yesterday the doctors switched Alisha's medication that prevents contractions from a short-term medication to a long-term medication. Alisha had gone over 24 hours without a contraction! The downside was that her blood pressure lowered over the course of the day from 118/75 to 105/65, so they took her off of all medication for the rest of the day. The contractions came back lightly, but they didn't keep her up and night, her back didn't hurt, and the doctors didn't see any indications that the contractions were stressing the baby.

This morning they put her back on the long-term medication (since 105/65 isn't a harmful blood pressure) to see if it would clear up the remaining contractions to make both of them more comfortable. Either way, they said the baby is doing fine and they are talking about her stay long-term. We are hoping she stays in for at least 1.5 months, which would get her to the 32-week maturity mark.

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