Friday, September 27, 2013

Movies & Games

Between meals, checkups, and visitors Alisha has lots of down time. She brought some light-hearted movies from home, and then last week Molly also brought her this box of movies to keep her busy. The movies help keep her mind distracted when nurses are messing with her IV.

She also has a drawer of games to play when people visit. She has Scrabble, Sequence, playing cards, Yahtzee (dice), and Bananagrams. Below is Alisha's winning bananagram crossword when we played with Chris and Kristen Mills on Monday night ("gay" means happy):

... and this is a larger one when just Alisha and I played until all the tiles were gone ...

If you visit her and like to play games, feel free to break one out. She likes anything that's not boisterous (sorry, Cranium fans).

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