Friday, December 27, 2013

Almost 4 pounds

We found out yesterday that Roscoe reached 3lb 15oz, so he's only 1 ounce shy of the 4-pound mark. About 3 days ago they adjusted his feedings to be a high-calorie formula instead of milk, because he wasn't gaining weight fast enough or steadily enough with the normal milk. Once he puts on enough weight, they will move him back to a diet of milk only. Since they adjusted his diet his oxygen requirements have been looking better (he's around 27% now), but his heart rate has gone higher. We asked the nurses but they weren't able to explain a possible cause. The good news is that a recent ultrasound showed that Roscoe's PDA valve has closed and that his pulmonary hypertension has improved (but it's still there).

Time got away from me yesterday and I didn't post the videos of Roscoe in his Christmas outfit, so here they are!

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