Friday, December 6, 2013

Roscoe's BIG smile

For the past several week or so, we've noticed that Roscoe has started smiling. His smile is more of a muscle response than an actual indication of happiness, but it sure is fun to see. Every once in a while he'd shoot a smile out and we'd scramble to get it captured on camera. Luckily last night we caught one of the smiles on video. Click the link below and you can see it happen right at the end of the clip. It's hard not to smile just as big in return.

For those who are impatient, you can click this link to go straight to the part where he smiles. Then again if you're too impatient to wait through a 1-minute video, you are also probably too impatient to read to the end of this sentence. In fact, you are probably already busy groaning in boredom that your microwave takes longer than 12 seconds to cook a burrito.


  1. So cute! Love those big smiles! (He totally smiled in the middle of the video, too.)
    And from the angle it looks like he's got a double chin...little fatty!
    Love you, baby Roscoe!