Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pictures of Roscoe

Alisha and I wanted to share something special on the blog today. It isn't a fun thing to have your baby be born 3 months early and stay in the NICU for 2+ months (and counting). However, there have been some benefits of going through this process that I feel blessed to have been able to experience. One of those things is the blessing of being able to see my son's hands, feet, and other features when they were unbelievably tiny. I feel blessed to have seen the power of God working in my son and growing him to the level of stability and size that he is today. Another blessing we've received came via the US Postal Service.

You've seen lots of pictures of Roscoe so far on this blog, but you haven't seen any like these. These are cards that were hand-painted watercolors by a friend of ours. He sent them to us with encouraging notes about Roscoe's growth and how God was working in him:

Since I am a technical/scientific person I saw Roscoe through my own eyes as an amazing work of God and a testament to God's power in creation. In other words, I saw Roscoe as he is, not as he was going to be. These cards helped me see Roscoe through someone else's eyes, to see the boy and man that Roscoe will one day become. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  


  1. You all are blessed beyond measure. Very special gifts in deed.