Friday, December 6, 2013

Reach for the Sky

Last night the doctors attempted to insert a PICC line for Roscoe's antibiotics, but were unsuccessful. The PICC line would have been used for only 7-10 days, so they decided to just halt his antibiotics because his blood has continued to be free of bacteria. Normally they continue antibiotics for 7-10 days past the point when the blood is bacteria-free, to make sure the infection is cured. It's kind of like twisting and pushing your foot into the ground that extra amount of time after stepping on a bug, just to make sure it's dead. The doctors felt confident enough that Roscoe's infection was cured that they didn't think it was necessary to put him through the trouble of more IVs. He'll get a blood transfusion through his current IV today, but that IV will also be removed by tomorrow when he's back up to a full feeding amount.

This video isn't really relevant, but it shows how Roscoe lays sleeping in his bed sometimes. It's mostly him just laying there and twitching his hands, but after all he's a baby and that's what babies do. Did you expect to come here and see videos of him doing backflips into a swimming pool?

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  1. That video is so sweet!
    I love it when babies put their hand out all flat/straight fingered. I don't know why, it just seems extra cute.
    Love you guys!