Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comparison with Daddy

Alisha and I went to visit Roscoe tonight and he was doing very well. His heart rate has historically averaged 170-180 and tonight it fluctuated in the 130-150 range (normal). With his breathing tube removed, he was also doing well using the face mask ventilator. His oxygen numbers were staying in the 93-98% range (normal) while he was supplied with air that was 38% oxygen and positive pressure. As Roscoe progresses, the hospital will gradually lessen the positive pressure until Roscoe is eventually breathing non-pressurized air. Once he reaches that point they'll wean him until he's breathing room air on his own. He is already breathing against the machine, so that's a positive sign.

Many of the nurses and visitors have said that Roscoe tends more to look like me, so here's a little video that we shot where I leaned down and got his face right up next to mine.

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