Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nothing New

I try to post something every day, but some days there isn't much new to talk about. Thankfully Roscoe is maintaining his stability and making slow progress toward the goal of having him home. Unfortunately, Alisha came down with an illness so she won't be able to see him for a day or two as the illness blows over. Last night as I was holding him, I snapped this picture (with my cell phone):

Then when I set him back down in his incubator I took this one. The nurses had put up a little mobile that fit better onto the incubator lid, so he'd have something to look at and keep his mind occupied. The incubator has had the top open for probably 2 weeks straight, since he's now able to better maintain his temperature. Hopefully soon he'll move up to a big boy crib!

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