Monday, December 30, 2013

Over 4 pounds

Roscoe has been slowly and steadily progressing over the past few days, which is why the blog has been quiet. Most of what we see of him looks like this:

He is on 28% oxygen and weighs 4lbs 1oz as of yesterday. The nurses said that babies grow when they are sleeping and Roscoe slept more than usual while we were there, so perhaps today he'll be even bigger!

Now the typical routine is that Alisha will get to the hospital in time for Roscoe's 11:30am cares (change diaper, check temperature) and will hold him while he is fed through the tube. The holding session usually lasts 60-90 minutes. At night both of us will go in for his 5:30 cares and repeat the same with me holding him this time. Usually Roscoe is alert enough at the start of his feedings that we'll be able to feed him a little milk from a bottle (between 1-10mL).

Hopefully the next big development will either be that Roscoe gets to move out of his incubator to a "big-boy" crib, or that he's able to move from the oxygen mask to a nasal cannula.

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