Saturday, December 21, 2013

Progress on the Ventilator

Roscoe made some progress on his ventilator (bubble CPAP) to where he's now at level 4 and maintaining. We spoke with the doctor today and she said that the respiratory expert said Roscoe will need to be at 25% oxygen or below in order to migrate to the nasal cannula. We were disappointed with that news because it means it'll take longer for us to see his face on a regular basis, but we are glad they have a plan and goals are in sight.

Here's a little time I had with Roscoe last night. You can see that for the most part he doesn't do much, which is why the blog has been a little lacking the past few days. Fear not, though, as the post tomorrow will almost certainly bring a smile to everyone's face.


  1. Rude! Don't wake him up!
    When he's older he's going to kick you for doing that.
    What % oxygen is he at right now?

    Love you, Roscoe!
    PS - When you want to sleep without anyone waking you up, come stay with Aunt Tif. :o) Well...your cousins might wake you up, but I won't.

  2. It's tomorrow! I'm ready for the "certainly-bring-a-smile" post! :o)

    Love you three!

    1. Wow, sorry! I set the blog to auto-post at 8am and for some reason it never posted. I went back to check, and sure enough there was still a blog post sitting there waiting for 8am on 12/22/13. I forced it to post so now it's up, but you're probably asleep. :(

      Roscoe is still on ~30% oxygen, so we are a little frustrated that he's not making more progress. I guess everything happens in God's time.