Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bottle Feeding

Yesterday Roscoe successfully fed 5mL from a bottle, which is a great step forward. His feedings are currently at 32mL (and increasing daily) so he's got a ways to go before they can remove his feeding tube. Once the feeding tube is gone, his only remaining major hurdles in the way of coming home will be his breathing and maintaining body temperature.

Roscoe's breathing remained mostly the same yesterday, which is good because it shows he can maintain his breathing rate on his own and doesn't need large gushes of air to get oxygen to his lungs. We hope that over the next few days he'll progress his breathing to the point that he can be taken off the ventilator.

I am hoping that Roscoe will better maintain body temperature a little better as he adds weight. Yesterday Roscoe tipped the scales at 3lb 8.5oz, so he is officially 3.5lbs! It seems like such a short time ago that we were wondering if he'd ever get out of the "just over 1 pound" area. The end of Roscoe's hospital stay is starting to come into view, and it's a wonderful sight. Please continue your prayers for God to remove any remaining roadblocks and keep Roscoe comforted.

Last night when I was holding him, his eyes were very alert. This was the result:

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  1. Love those eyes and sweet baby hands!!! He is so precious. Love y'all!