Monday, December 16, 2013

Favorite Books

At Alisha's baby shower on Saturday, they had everyone bring their favorite children's book for Roscoe. Some people brought current childrens' books they enjoyed and some brought copies of books they had when they were children. Here are the books that everyone brought (I think we got pictures of all of them). It was interesting to see the variety of interests that Roscoe will have read to him over the coming years!

(The upper book with a picture of a Christmas bell is "The Polar Express")

My personal favorite from the bunch was the Land of Oz above, just because of the vibrant colors on the vintage book. I couldn't find the printing date, but I believe it's from the 1940's. And yes, I was absolutely judging a book by its cover.

From my own childhood, my favorite book was unquestionably Big Joe's Trailer Truck. My parents said that I memorized the book so well that I would "read" the book to them before I knew how to spell. I knew which words were associated with which pages, so they'd turn the pages and I would say the words from that page. I have my copy stored away, but we couldn't find it in time for the blog post. It's funny to see the book get such good reviews on amazon!

Hop on over to this facebook post and let us know which book is your favorite children's book:

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