Monday, December 2, 2013

Bigger Diapers

Previously we posted a picture of the diapers that Roscoe wears. They are roughly 3" wide by 4" tall (think to yourself that they'd fit on a 3x5 card). I believe they are the smallest diapers that Pampers makes (P-XS). When he was first born, we needed to fold the top of the diaper down because it swallowed his belly:

Here is a comparison in diaper sizes that you may be familiar with. Going left-to-right the diapers show his first diaper size (P-XS), then the standard preemie size (P-S), then a standard newborn diaper (N), then a size #1 diaper. The great news is that over the past few days Roscoe has graduated from P-XS diapers to the P-S diapers now! He will now be wearing big-boy preemie diapers along with all of the other preemies in the NICU:

He was very excited about this development, so we both gave a thumbs-up in appreciation and celebration (as seen below). Yesterday the nurses informed us that Roscoe now weighs 3lb 2oz! Alisha and I have noticed a big physical difference in the amount of baby fat he's starting to put on, along with his size in general. He is still small in comparison to other babies (notice his forearm is the size of my thumb), but he is huge in comparison with where he once was. God has given him growth and we are thankful

Please pray that God will rid Roscoe's body of the infection that was discovered in his bloodstream. Once the doctors identify the specific strain, they will administer a more specific antibiotic that targets that specific bacteria. The treatments will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

This is the second infection they've found in Roscoe's bloodstream. Nationwide the averages are that 40% of babies in the NICU will contract an infection, so infections are somewhat common. What Alisha and I (and the doctors) are concerned about is that if Roscoe continues to get infections, it may indicate a problem with his immune system. Please pray that's not the case, as the little guy already has enough on his proverbial plate. Physically he doesn't look sick and he still has lots of energy, so that's a good sign. God is good and he will take care of our little boy in ways that we simply cannot.

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