Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Present: Another Roscoe

Yesterday Alisha and I had a great day. She bribed our dog (Harper) with a bone in order to get her to sit still for this picture with a big bow that she's rather eat than wear:

We also both opened our presents for each other. I am notoriously difficult to buy for, since any time I feel like I need something I buy it without waiting, and if I don't already have it then I do not need it (perceived need, not actual necessity). This makes it difficult on Alisha when buying me gifts, because she has to discover what I need that I don't already know I need. As I unwrapped the present below, she asked me "What do you think it is?". I made some guesses but didn't come close.
She had already given me one Roscoe this year, and this was her way of giving me Roscoe all over again. What she did was hand-make the form above to represent Roscoe when he was born. The shape is 11.4" long and 1lb 3oz. The top white part is the same circumference as Roscoe's head at birth, and the black part is the same circumference as his chest measurement (underneath his arms). She also stitched his name into the bottom. It was a great present and I was totally surprised and excited to get it!

We went to the hospital to take a picture of Roscoe in his Christmas outfit (sent by his aunt and uncle). To my surprise after we got the outfit on, they asked if I wanted to pick him up without his mask on. I hadn't ever done it before, and unfortunately Alisha was stuck holding the camera so we couldn't get a whole family picture with him like this.
Later today I'll upload some of the videos we took of him getting dressed and held in this outfit. God is wonderful to bless us with such small joys as picking up children and seeing them face-to-face. I believe he places these blessings (and their corresponding hardships) in our path to remind us of how wonderful it will be to one day be in his arms and to see him face-to-face.

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