Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mobile Entertainment

On Sunday night, I picked up a birthday present for myself: a new baby mobile. I had seen this mobile on craigslist and emailed about it several times, but never got a response. Thankfully on Sunday morning they responded and I picked it up brand new for $15! Here is Alisha holding it in front of Roscoe's incubator to entertain him:

Roscoe seemed to respond pretty well to the mobile. As his eyes looked around at the different patterns he seemed to be engaged with the motion and contrasts. Once they get him stabilized and infection-free, we are hoping they'll lift up the incubator lid like it was before so that we can leave the mobile there for him to play with. Here's a video of Roscoe looking around at the mobile:


  1. So sweet to see him watching the mobile! He is precious!!

  2. That is so awesome! It appeared as though he loved it and then thought "wow, there's a lot going on there......I gotta take a long, slow blink." Love that little boy.